Share Jupyter Notebooks with Just One Click!

Share Jupyter Notebooks with Just One Click!

Gryd is making super easy to share Jupyter Notebooks! You can share Jupyter Notebooks now with just one click!

If you’re new to Jupyter Notebooks, check out Project Jupyter’s site to learn more.

How to Share Jupyter Notebooks

When you have your Jupyter Notebook opened in Gryd, simply click the “Published Notebook” button in the top menu:

button to Publish Notebook - this is how you share Jupyter Notebooks
When you press this button, your notebook will be published! And you can view it by clicking “View Published”:

button to View Published Notebook
Finally, to share Jupyter Notebooks, simply click “Copy Share Link” and share that URL wherever you want!

This URL will look like this:

A few things to keep in mind when you share Jupyter Notebooks

  1. Published notebooks do not update as you edit the underlying notebook. When people click your link, they will see the notebook as when you published it; not its current state. To update your shared Jupyter Notebook, simply un-publish it and then re-publish it.
  2. Published notebooks are openly accessible. Anyone with a link to the published URL will be able to view it. In addition, others might see your published notebook in search results if the content is relevant. Note: If you don’t want a notebook shared anymore, you do have the ability to un-publish a notebook.
  3. Hide your source code. If you want, you have the option to hide your source code. This can be especially relevant when you prepare documents and reports because you can show rich, embedded plots and figures without showing the code used to generate results.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Gryd account now! Happy sharing 🙂

Gryd provides no-setup Cloud Jupyter Notebooks with a pre-configured environment – now with one-click sharing with our new publish notebook feature!

To learn more about Cloud Jupyter Notebooks, read this blog post!


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