Course Management for Jupyter Notebooks

Course Management for Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter notebooks are not only a great tool for developers and data scientists, they are also perfect to teaching. They can largely eliminate the complexity of getting started, especially for beginners, by giving students a ready to use environment. This allows students to focus on logic and syntax as opposed to the details of settings up an environment and installing required libraries.

Shown below are the various features that are part of Gryd’s course management solution around Jupyter notebooks:

Instructor Dashboard

Once you sign in, you will be taken to the default notebook server landing page. If you have instructor privileges, you can access the instructor dashboard by clicking on “Instructor Dashboard” in the top left.

In the instructor dashboard, you will see all your courses and an option to create a new course. In order to create a new course:

Once a course is created, you can add students to it and create assignments for it. To see these options, click on a course in the instructor dashboard. For this demo, we will view the already created “Introduction to Python” course. If we click on the course, we see the assignments that have been created for this course, list of enrolled students and a link to share to enroll students. To start, let’s create an assignment:

We have now created an assignment titled “Assignment 2” with relevant details and now we see it listed in our course. To add files to an assignment, click on the assignment and then select “Course Directory” on the top or “Add Now” under Assignment Details:

Assignment Creation & Distribution

Using the “Create Assignment” tool, we can now create assignment cells in our notebook in order to later allow automatic grading. For more details on creating assignments, writing solutions and writing tests, refer to this link.

Before releasing the assignment, it is generally a good idea to “Validate” the assignment and make sure the solution passes all the tests.

We are now ready to release this assignment to students. In order to release this assignment to students so that they can fetch it, go back to the “Instructor Dashboard”, select the assignment and click on “Release”:

Student View

If we now sign in as the user “john” (already enrolled in the course but you can add more students by sharing with them the link shown on the course page), we will see relevant course and assignment information under “My Courses”:

where we can fetch assignments as:

edit / complete and save the assignment:

and then submit the assignment:

Collection & Auto/Manual Grading

If we now go back to the instructor dashboard, we can “Collect” any student submissions. For this example, we will use “Assignment 1” which was already created:

Once student submissions have been collected, they can be autograded (given the assignment has been written to be autograded):

viewed manually if needed:

and grades for individuals can be manually entered or edited if needed:

To use our course management features, once signed in, fill out the “Teach Using Gryd” form:

to give us some details about the course you wish to teach and we will enable instructor privileges on your account.

Support to give students feedback, ability to export grade details and full integration with the LMS (Canvas, Open edX, etc.) of your choice coming soon!


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