Cloud Notebooks


Simple, managed, ready-to-use, cloud based Jupyter notebooks supporting multiple languages.


Ready To Use

Gryd instances have all the libraries you need pre-installed and are ready to use.

Multiple Languages

Support for Python 2 & 3, Octave, Julia and R so you can work with the language you love.


Need more resources? Scale the hardware underlying your notebooks in seconds.

Classroom Solution

Custom features that make teaching a coding driven class a breeze! Learn more.

Looking for additional libraries, resources or another language we don't yet support? Contact us.

Subscription Plans



  • Low CPU Priority
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB Storage
  • Limited Support
  • .edu email required

$9.99 /Month


  • High CPU Priority
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 3 GB Storage
  • Scalable on Request
  • Pro Support



  • Assignment Management
  • Auto Grading**
  • Custom Environment
  • Pro Accounts for Staff
  • Ideal for Large Classes

Pro plan includes a 15-day trial (no credit card required). Contact us if you need more compute hours, *to learn more about our classroom solution, or to learn about our secure on-premises enterprise solution. **Based on nbgrader.

Why use Gryd?

Save Time

Want to analyze data or teach a class? Spend less time setting things up or grading assignments and focus on your key goals.

Peace of Mind

Let us worry about managing resources and scalability so you can easily handle 50 users or 5000.


Stuck at something or need help? Just reach out to our support team to quickly resolve issues.

Save Money

Access flexible hardware resources and a pre-built environment without breaking the bank and only pay for what you use.

Share Easily

Share your work easily with others without having to worry about them having the required libraries, data, etc.


Access your code, data and notebooks from anywhere and from any device. No need to carry around a workstation.

About Us

We are a team of engineers from MIT and around who share a deep desire to bring 21st century features to education, data analysis and scientific computing while keeping it user-friendly and accessible.